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About Xavier Survival

Xavier Survival sites are a series of survival and preparedness resources brought to you by Thomas and Elise Xavier

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Take a look at the individual pages below to learn a bit more about each of the sites under the Xavier Survival umbrella.

More Than Just Surviving

Our survival blog, More Than Just Surviving, was our first website in the survival and preparedness niche. Besides frequently featuring articles related to survival and preparedness, the blog also concentrates heavily on gear, and reviewing …

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Survival Pulse

Survival Pulse is a survival and preparedness news site that features news articles from alternative news sources, as well as the best new articles published daily by the top survival and preparedness blogs on the web. While we did not found Survival Pulse ourselves, we were more than happy to take it under the …

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Survival Threads

Survival Threads is a survival, preparedness, and gear forum begun as a way for Thomas and I to better connect with the community that built up around More Than Just Surviving. No topic under the survival, preparedness, and gear umbrellas is off topic – unless it violates the no religion, no politics rule, in place to help abrasive …

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